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Essential features to develop a Zomato or Swiggy clone app

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Swiggy clone features

After the success of online shopping and taxi app development services, the next major dominating business that stood in a row was food delivery service. Since people’s liking for on-demand services has increased, the online food delivery system grew way fast higher than other services from the day of its inception; and still, it is getting popular day by day. And as an entrepreneur, this will be the right time if you choose to invest or start a business like food delivery services.

A recent study also suggests that having apps can increase your reach in the market while helping you retain your existing customers as well as gaining new ones. So for newbies who wish to start a business, you must think in a cost containment way to keep your expenses on a low scale. And to ease this, many app development companies now offer clone scripts of key business players such as Zomato, Swiggy at an affordable price since creating an app from scratch takes much time. So you can deliberately adapt their business model; however, you have to come up with ideas that make your service unique. Make sure to tell people what makes your service distinctive.

Here in this article, we have listed must-have features of a food delivery service though you adopt a Swiggy clone or ready-made app solution.

Create a profile

Users, restaurant owners, and delivery individuals can create, view, and edit their profile using this feature in the dashboard. Creating a profile allows you to see the operations or view the information required.


This feature is one of the crucial ones that people love about online delivery service. Since this feature allows your customers to pre-book in their favorite restaurant so that he/she can directly walk-in to the restaurant without wasting time.

GPS integration

This is an essential and must-have feature in the app since this allows both the user and the delivery individual to live track the status of the order and the location.

Push notification

You can let your users know the new offers and deals that are currently offered by the restaurants through notifications. Also, this feature intimates the arrival or cancel of orders to your users.


Some of your users can repeat the same order or have specific food preferences at times. So with this feature, you can allow your users to order those foods easily.

Payment methods

Nowadays, people opt for online payment methods than paying in cash. So make sure to integrate multiple payment options like payment through credit cards, cash, and online gateways as well.

Discounts/ Rewards

To increase the usability of the app and to have a good market reach, you must integrate this feature into the application. People often look for discounts, and rewards for whichever service they use and in this case, you must certainly offer discounts to beat the game.

Search options

This will enable the user to search for a particular restaurant or food in the application. Using this, the user can filter and be precise in his/her searchings.


Integrating this feature in the application has the chance to raise your business’ integrity among the customers though you use a Zomato clone. Chatbots are computer programmed software that helps you handle the queries from your customer-end.

These features are readily available if you choose a swiggy clone script; however, you have to check for its functionality when you develop the app. After the analysis, you can spend time on integrating your new ideas into your business model. Also, make sure to find the right developing partner who can do a little extra market research on developing your application along with round-the-clock technical support. Try AppDupe for your food delivery app development since they can provide you the application with high-end features at an affordable rate.

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